Piaval for Health and Care

Designed with Care

Health starts from Care

The wellbeing of individuals and their needs are at the heart of our work.

At Piaval, to "care" means promoting health by designing innovative chairs and armchairs that bring together ergonomics, functionality, usability, safety, configurability and design. Thanks to a team of professionals with specific skills, every product takes form with the aim of improving the quality of life of those who will use it, guaranteeing the best performance standards in terms of comfort, hygiene, durability, wear-resistance and safe movement, thus satisfying any specific need of hospitals, residential homes, hospitality houses and home care.
Piaval offers as well a vast range of accessories, making chairs and armchairs configurable to every user need: from extractable or foldaway footrests in wood or metal to headrest cushions, from controls that regulate the movement of the seats to supports for drip holder rod and from trays to different types of wheels and feet.


In clinics and hospitals, the modern concept of “humanising” care can also be expressed through the furniture choices. These choices contribute to improving the physical and psychological wellbeing of those people requiring care, and the working conditions of those providing support.


Hygiene is fundamental to the chairs and tables the patients and the staff are in contact with every day.
Piava offers the solutions that can best guarantee practicality of use and ease of cleaning: from the removable cushions and headrests with Velcro to fasten quickly in place, to specific waterproof protection for seats, to full detachable sofa and armchair seats to allow the structure underneath to be cleaned fully.

Upholstery are Sanitized guaranteed, or equivalent, to ensure their breathability, freshness, comfort and prevention of bad smells. They are resistant to bacteria, washing and light, undergo anti-stain treatments and are guaranteed to resist abrasions up to 300,000 Martindale cycles.

Residential Homes

In a retirement home, it is important that the environment is both welcoming and manageable, but also functional and responsive to the needs of the elderly. It is a space in which the furnishings contribute to instilling a sense of safety when it comes to getting around and going about daily life, and safeguarding the dignity and sociability of the individual.


Taking care of a person means not just helping them, but protecting them.
Piaval chairs are designed to offer maximum stability and safety with every position and movement. Secure grip to accompany movement – particularly standing up and sitting down – non-slip and anti-tipping features, and accessories with rounded corners. The design takes into account the different abilities and movement limitations of users. Piaval pays equally close attention to the safety of the workers, so that they can operate with peace of mind. A robust and durable product is guaranteed by specific certification.

Home Care

The home is a special place for everyone, a comfortable space in which to live, full of memories and rituals. For those with permanent motory difficulties, such as the elderly, or those with a temporary difficulty for example during a period of recovery, it is the place in which you can move around safely and autonomously.


We often perceive even relatively simple objects as difficult to use.
Feeling at ease in an armchair, being sure to be able to move it easily and safely boosts psychological wellbeing. If the controls are intuitive, every simple movement becomes fluid and greater autonomy is ensured. In the same way, for staff and relatives it is important to be able to count on practical accessories that simplify the daily support they provide, such as the chair tablets which can be locked in different positions, the headrest cushions that can be fastened quickly with Velcro, or the wheels. Considering usability an important part of the quality of the product, Piaval applies the concept specifically to the mechanical and electrical devices that control the movement of the back, seat and footrest.

Hospitality Houses

Committed to providing support to their loved ones, patients’ relatives can find peace and tranquillity in the facilities designed specifically for them. Also used by patients who need to undergo visits or checks after being discharged, these spaces make users feel at ease, even when far from home.

Flexibility and design

Hospital accommodation is designed to respond to two sets of needs: those of patients, who spend short periods of time there, and those of relatives, who spend longer periods there providing support to patients at the hospital. This is why the furnishings in these spaces need to be highly flexible, guarantee absolute comfort and come in a wide range of different looks. Piaval products contribute to creating a welcoming environment which channels positive energy and meets the needs of different users. The use of wood is also particularly important because it gives a warm feel and adds aesthetic appeal to the home environment.