Ash, beech, oak, walnut: we love these trees and we love their essence, for the beauty of their grain, their texture and for the smell sensations they convey. We shape the solid wood with passion and respect and we strongly believe in the safeguard of this valuable resource encouraging the environmental protection.

In 2010 we obtained certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, an international organization which promotes the management of wood around the world in an environmentally conscious and economically responsible manner.
Our products can therefore be FSC® certified, as they are made using wood obtained exclusively from protected and controlled forest areas.

Controlled Wood has been verified, its origin can be traced back and it derives from planted trees not genetically modified and legally harvested in respect of traditional and civil rights, forests which conform with the high conservation values and not converted to plantations or non-forest use.

Choosing FSC truly helps the preservation of wood, the biodiversity and forest conservation, as well the fulfilment of social, economic and sustainable benefits for the local people and society at large.

A deep passion for wood, a great deal of effort into its protection, that’s our philosophy.